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    How To Find and Hire the Best NYC Matchmaker

    Have you tried your luck with dating apps? After years of unsuccessful dates, are you ready to delete them from your phone? Maybe you are simply thinking about kindling a romance after a divorce, break-up, streak of horrible encounters, or a long, needed time off from dating. Whatever your situation, finding a great NYC matchmaker can be a turning point in your love life.

    According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, NYC matchmaking services are becoming increasingly popular. The trend to seek expert assistance particularly makes sense for busy New York professionals who are serious about happy, healthy, and meaningful long-term relationships.

    What do professional NYC matchmakers do?

    Professional matchmakers have an extensive network of available singles who have signed up for a matchmaking service to be introduced to potentially compatible partners. NYC matchmaking has been around for quite some time. These are some of main features of the vetted high-end matchmaking process:

    1. The best matchmakers only work with select clientele and get to know the most relevant things about them. The “get to know” interview process can be extensive, as the matchmaker analyzes your personality type and what you are looking for. Your matchmaker will uncover your likes and dislikes, explore your lifestyle needs, examine your career goals, and learn your preferences in an ideal partner.
    2. Once a professional matchmaker has enough information about you, they use their vast database and network connections to source the best matches for you. NYC matchmakers constantly add new singles to their rolodexes.
    3. Matchmakers meet and screen every dating candidate face-to-face – the same way they conduct your “get to know” interview. When they interview different potential mates, they ask the same questions that you’d ask on a first date and weed out people who have incompatible values.
    4. After the strenuous and diligent background check, the matchmakers present you with potential prospects. You might be sent on a completely blind date, or be provided with contact details, a video, or other information prior to your first meet up.
    5. After a first date, the matchmaker requests feedback. Your honest responses are managed with discretion and sensitivity. Sometimes, the first person you go on a date with checks all your boxes. Other times, you may want to go on a couple of different dates and see who you click with the best.

    In addition to the services mentioned above, many matchmakers offer other services, like dating advice, relationship coaching, fashion advice, etiquette classes, and so much more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A. Matchmaking is a lengthy and intricate process that requires hands on service. The value and services you’ll receive with a great matchmaker are reflected in the cost of the service. We hire people to do so many things in our lives; attorneys, drivers, cooks… but we leave the most important issue of our life to fate? Typically, NYC matchmaking services are expensive. But they are well worth the cost, which depends on many factors, including the choice of services you sign up for.

    A. There are two basic routes you can take to find a matchmaker to solve your dating dilemma.

    A. Regardless of the search option you choose, vetting a matchmaker before booking an appointment is crucial. You will invest both money and trust in your matchmaker. You’ll want to know they are reputable, understand your requirements, and are worthy of your investment.

    Here are five criteria to check a professional matchmaker’s credibility:

    A. Thanks to our modern take on matchmaking and nearly three decades of experience, Elite Connections has one of the largest databases of eligible singles worldwide.

    People who sign up with Elite Connections are much more serious about finding the right person. The matchmakers hold them accountable for their answers to personal questions, including personal details like age and appearance. You decide what you want and control how the process flows. We take a more personal approach, so you only meet people you’re attracted to and interested in.

    A. Simply book a quick consultation with us. Together we’ll explore the best strategy to get you going out on high-quality dates.