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5 Steps to Get Your Masculine Energy Back – Elite Connections

Elite Connections, a top matchmaking agency discusses what masculine energy is. What role does masculine energy play in your well-being? It is no secret that there are some significant differences between men and women. But what many people don’t realize is that masculine and feminine energy has nothing to do with gender, and both males and females can tap into both essences.

Before we discuss how to get your masculine energy back, let’s first talk about what these energies mean and how they impact you!

What Is Masculine Energy?

Masculinity has a lot of definitions. And keep in mind that it is not restrictive to the male gender alone. Women can also very well exude masculine energy in a relationship or otherwise.

In a general sense, masculine energy is action-oriented and about the “doing” mindset. Therefore, it’s stable, goal-based, and predictable. The main strengths cover focus, willpower, and clarity. The masculine energy is primarily more interested in creating rules and building solid structures, so it knows how to apply logic properly.

Another way to look at masculine energy is as the knowledge that is static, precise, and exact. Pure masculine energy knows what needs to be done to accomplish something with a vivid sense of direction. Moreover, masculine energy is protective and brutally honest. It’s making sure that nothing threatens what matters most and fighting for what you love.

Hence, we can conclude that masculinity is something that is felt and experienced—and it takes many forms. We expect men to be completely masculine and women to be entirely feminine. However, an individual is considered to have balanced energy when they have both. Yes, one of the energies takes the wheels and becomes dominant, but the other co-exists.

Men are more likely to exude more potent masculine energy than feminine energy. Even research shows that women are more attracted to masculine men when it comes to building solid relationships. So, we’ll be focusing on how men can regain their masculine energy and find great relationships through elite matchmaking.

The Elite Matchmakers Discuss The Signs You’re Losing Your Masculine Side in a Relationship

One of the most challenging things to realize is if you’re losing your masculine edge in your relationships. Fortunately, there are a few telltale signs that the top matchmaking agency, Elite Connections, has highlighted:

  • You feel emotionally exhausted and beaten down.
  • The feeling of having an inner fight or spirit goes dim.
  • It’s been a long time since you’ve felt strong and confident.
  • You find yourself questioning your abilities on a regular basis.
  • The positive mindset and assertiveness in your attitude are becoming vaguer.
  • Self-care is not a priority to you anymore.
  • You feel like you’re getting nothing in return.
  • Your loved ones have stopped respecting you.
  • You’re scared to express your feelings openly.
  • You constantly have to ask for attention from your partner.

5 Ways to Get Your Masculine Energy Back!

Losing the masculine edge can be an overwhelming experience for most men. It is your innate desire to grow, expand, connect with others, and experience new things without depending on the approval of anybody. Still, sometimes, you can compromise yourself and your values. Instead of feeling like a strong, independent man, you begin to be more like a needy child.

This shift in your energy not only affects you but also impacts the health and dynamics of your relationships. So, if you’re noticing warning signs that you’re losing your masculine power, it’s time to take charge and realign yourself with your manhood using these 5 tips.

1. Analyze why and how you may be depending on validation from others.

Do you depend on others for validation? Before you become defensive and say no, realize that we all depend on others for validation to some extent. But, men tend to seek validation from their female partners more than anyone else. Primarily because women are the gatekeepers of sex, and sexual intimacy is a core desire for every man.

The inherent motivation to be intimate becomes a dependency that can surface as acting needy, feeling depressed, or lonely in your relationship. For example, texting a woman you have a crush on just so she’ll text you back is typical for men who seek validation from women.

In addition, the need to be constantly around your partner and getting irritated when you are not together is a big sign of dependency. While it’s great to spend quality time together, too much of anything can be bad.

Often, when we get into relationships after heartbreaks, the traumas of past relationships can creep in and bother our present circumstances. It causes us to feel vulnerable and find quick fixes. When in reality, the actual factors that cause the trouble get lost in plain sight.

Therefore, it is important to look deep into yourself and discover why you are feeling this way. It might be taxing, but you will definitely get an answer if you’re being honest with yourself. The matchmakers at Elite Connections hear complaints from new couples about how they worry the new love interest will treat them like their last ex. The matchmakers say, “You’ve got to let go of the past to move on with the future.”

2. Involve yourself in masculine activities and relationships

It is true that the company you keep says a lot about you. Likewise, spending quality time with men who have stronger masculine energy will also help you to strengthen your yin-yang. Part of the reason men grow a dependency on women for validation and approval is because they do not get the words of surety and confidence from fellow masculine friends.

Spending time with your buddies on a regular basis will empower you in more than one way. Firstly, you’ll get to improve and increase your social circle and social life. Secondly, by being with your friends, you can learn more ways to be more masculine. This can help alleviate any female-related dependencies that may exist.

Above all, it is important to understand that sitting around and talking to your bros is excellent, but involving yourself in masculine activities is far more effective. So, compete in a game of basketball, travel and explore a new city, or go out and be a wingman for your friend. These are the types of activities that breed a sense of masculinity.

3. Mental reset

You are at a loss of masculine energy because something in your wiring went off. Instead of finding the loose end, the more thoughtful way to get your masculine energy back is to embrace it once again.

Think of things you liked to do when you felt you had great masculine energy and start doing that. Plus, there’s no better way to regain your masculine edge than through the practice of traditional activities like playing competitive sports, learning a martial art, going on an adventure, lifting weights, or being s daredevil. These things will bring back the adrenaline rush you’ve been missing out on and get you in touch with your natural strength, independence, and manliness like nothing else.

4. Prioritize yourself over everything else.

To succeed in any field, you have to put yourself first. We can never be fully happy, content in our relationships, or embrace our energies if we do not take care of ourselves. Self-care has always been a buzzword in the market. But people tend to limit it to physical attributes.

To genuinely prioritize yourself, you have to take care of yourself mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, besides eating well, getting adequate rest, working out, becoming financially independent, and having a healthy social life. From the moment you start investing in yourself and putting yourself first, you’ll feel better, have more energy, and will be able to tackle life with a calm, level-headed approach.

5. Take the lead!

Taking the lead is potentially the biggest sign of men with masculine energy. Biologically and culturally, sixty-six percent of the men with masculine energy thrive on taking the lead, whereas most women with feminine energy thrive on being guided.

Women are drawn to males who are self-confident, self-aware, and capable of going after what they desire. Women can smell insecurity from a mile away, and they prefer staying far from men who are unsure or reluctant in their judgments. The matchmakers at Elite Connections say the complaints most often reported after first dates from women are about men that are too insecure.

“Babe, relax, I’ve got this” is one of the sexiest and most potent things you can ever say to a lady.  She will feel comfortable with you and will be able to unwind into her genuine self, allowing herself to be taken care of.


Regaining your masculinity isn’t always clear-cut or a direct approach. Especially when you’re in the thick, making the right choices can seem too complicated. Hence you end up in the wrong relationships with the wrong people over and over again.

A crucial part of being able to get your masculine energy back is having the right support network and even leaning on someone who’s been there. Elite Connection is a top matchmaking agency led by top professionals who can guide you to be your best self and match you with the right kind of people.

When you have the right support, being able to realign with your masculine side becomes way easier and even more intuitive.